Portable Solar Generators

24 May

Most people I talk to are put off by the upfront cost and payback time required for a permanent solar power solution for their house.  Another solution I recommend is a portable power bank (battery) and portable solar panels.  You can … Read More »

EV Energy Consumption

25 Jun

Here is a broader view of the data from our solar panels, usage by our house and electric car. Our emergency power backup solar generating system provides more than enough power for the car. The chart below shows the big … Read More »

Sunlight as Fuel

24 Jun

Interesting stats from my Model 3 and my solar panels. I think the value of my solar panels just went up when they became a replacement for gasoline. In the first five months of this year, I have driven 7,731 … Read More »

Mitsubishi Mini-Split A/C

16 Nov

Ten years ago, when we imagined our photovoltaic system as an emergency power source, our plan included a mini-split air conditioner for the master bedroom. The idea was that during an extended grid outage, such as occurs after a hurricane, … Read More »

Six Days on Solar Power

17 Sep

We lost power at 3:30 pm on September 10, 2017, as the outer bands of hurricane Irma, impacted West Palm Beach. At that time, due to the extreme weather conditions, little if any power was being generated from the rooftop … Read More »

Running on Solar

12 Sep

Hurricane Irma came through Florida the weekend before September 11, 2017 and did massive damage throughout the state.  It lost its tropical characteristics after 11 days and traveling 4,000 miles.  Half of Palm Beach County, 500,000 people are without power.  … Read More »