Portable Solar Generators

24 May

Most people I talk to are put off by the upfront cost and payback time required for a permanent solar power solution for their house.  Another solution I recommend is a portable power bank (battery) and portable solar panels.  You can get a system like that for under $2,000 and it will run your appliances overnight and through the day on energy from the sun without worrying about fuel, noise, and exhaust fumes.  There is a bewildering array of choices in that regard, but there is a guy who has a YouTube channel dedicated to testing all of them rigorously.  His favorite is a system made by Jackery.  I’m sending this just as an FYI as an option that is better than a gasoline generator and cheaper than a whole house solar system.  I’ve included links to the manufacturer and the YouTube video reviewing the system.  I hope you find this interesting.