Mitsubishi Mini-Split A/C

16 Nov

Ten years ago, when we imagined our photovoltaic system as an emergency power source, our plan included a mini-split air conditioner for the master bedroom. The idea was that during an extended grid outage, such as occurs after a hurricane, we would be able to power our house and have an air conditioned refuge powered by solar panels and battery backup.

Recently, Hurricane Irma caused a six day power outage and the system functioned wonderfully, powering the house day and night. However, the refuge room concept had not been implemented, even though planned for. Those hot sweaty days and nights motivated me to implement this final component in the system.

On Wednesday, November 14, 2017, JWair and Urban Solar installed a Mitsubishi, inverter based, SEER 30+, 9,000 btu mini-split air conditioner in my master bedroom running on a 240 volt dedicated circuit pulled from my two inverters.

In the weeks and months to come, I will be testing the system by running it on solar panels and battery backup. I will collect and publish data on its performance here. The unit will provide increases in efficiency by allowing me to turn off the central air at night and sleep with only the master bedroom cooled by the Mitsubishi. In extended outages it will provide air conditioning powered by solar in the daytime and battery backup at night.