Outback Power Photovoltaic System

The solar generating system for our home consists of 22 Sanyo HIP200-BA3 200 watt photovoltaic modules, 2 Outback Power Systems GVFX-3648 inverters, 2 Outback Power Systems MX-60 charge controllers, and 8 Concorde PVX-2240T backup batteries. The roof mounted panels consist of two arrays. One 1.6 kw array, 8 panels, faces south and the other 2.8 kWh, 14 panels, array faces west providing a total of 4.4 kWh capacity. The batteries can power our emergency circuits for several hours insuring uninterrupted power to our lighting, computers, and refrigerators.

The system has been in operation since October 20, 2007. We received the standard, $4 a watt rebate for the installation from the State of Florida under their solar incentive program. This program was since cancelled.

Here is a pdf containing answers to some commonly asked questions about our system.